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Questions Any Attorney Should Answer for You

Many people decide to pursue legal action against another person because he or she caused significant injury or illness. Personal injury law is one of the broadest forms of law in the U.S. and there are thousands of attorneys who can represent plaintiffs in such cases. However, when you’re looking for an attorney for your case, it’s important that several critical questions are answered before you ever hire legal representation. While there are many questions that you should ask a potential attorney, there are a few that can quickly give you the best sense of how an attorney will protect you and your interests.

If you or someone you know is searching for an attorney to represent his or her personal injury case, contact an experienced Louisville personal injury lawyer of the Sampson Law Firm today by calling 502-584-5050 to see if we can help you.

5 Key Questions

At the Sampson Law Firm, we strongly believe that experience and honesty are important qualities in an attorney who may represent you, and the following five questions can help you get started in evaluating how a particular attorney suits your needs and represents his or herself:

  • Have you argued cases similar to this one? Were they successful?
  • Can you give me an estimate on the time frame for my case?
  • How much do you charge? Are the charges the same, win or lose?
  • How available will you be to me for the duration of the case?
  • Are you able to enforce any compensation awarded by a court?

Each of these questions can allow you to discover if an attorney is right for you and your case.

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If you are thinking of filing a personal injury lawsuit against a person who caused you injury, contact a qualified Louisville personal injury attorney of the Sampson Law Firm today at 502-584-5050.

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